Advanced Water Treatments has been owned and operated by Steve Stocking since 2000. Because water is critical to a human’s very existence, AWT has a never-ending opportunity to provide Northern Michigan with a cost-effective way to improve their water supply. Our Great Lakes provide drinking water to 40 million people. How lucky are we to live in Michigan with access to this beautiful supply of fresh water?

Advanced Water Treatments provides water testing, sanitization and softening services to the greater Northern Lower Peninsula. Through our testing, we can determine if one or both of the following is needed:

Water Sanitization

Water is in limited supply and it must be protected. Water shortages are a fact of life for many people on this planet. According to the World Commission on Water for the 21st Century, water sources for millions of people are being seriously depleted or polluted. The Environmental Protection Agency says that approximately 40 percent of the rivers in the U.S. are too polluted for fishing and swimming. This is a real crisis and we must do what we can to protect our clean water. Treating water to make is safe for drinking can be very costly and conventional water treatment methods cannot remove all contaminants, therefore protecting our clean water is critical.

Water Softening

Soft water prolongs the life of costly appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater. Your energy bill will be noticeably lower because appliances will work more efficiently. Other economic benefits are that soft water allows you to use less soap and detergents because soaps lather better. Your drinking glasses will sparkle, your hair will look healthier, your shower curtains will be free of scum, and your clothes and skin will be softer after switching to a water softening system.

Steve has been the owner and operator of Advanced Water Treatments for 16 years. He enjoys helping people get clean water throughout their homes. When Steve is not working, he enjoys relaxing with his family, playing the occasional 18 holes of golf, and practicing baseball with his grandson.

Miles has been working with Steve since 2009. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Natural Resources. He is a charter captain in Alaska in the summers and works with Steve throughout the rest of the year. In his spare time, Miles enjoys spending time with his wife and little man, doing anything and everything the outdoors has to offer.