IM_Filters-467x1024Will your water softener reduce iron streaks in my appliances?

Yes. Absolutely. Hard water has iron in it, which can cause stains. By installing water softener equipment, those stain sources will be eliminated.

My water leaves white calcium deposits on my dishes and glasses, will a water softening system fix that?

Yes! Softening the water reduces the amount of calcium present, which will leave your glasses and dishes clean and streak free of calcium.

Does a water softening system need maintenance?

Very little. We recommend maintaining them once a year, by appointment.

What exactly is hard water?

Water is called hard water when it has more minerals in it than you’d probably prefer. It causes stains (typically seen as brown streaks from an iron presence in the water, or white spots on dishes from calcium deposits). It also decreases the lifespan of your appliances.

What appliances will this system be helpful for?

Really, every appliance that uses water. Primarily, you’ll see an improvement in your washer, dishwasher, ice-cube maker, hot water heater, showers, and anything else that runs on water.